Garbage truck

Rely on Indiana Waste Service
For Your Commercial Trash Collection
and Waste Management Needs

From the corner store to manufacturing facilities, our commercial customers enjoy consistent, superior service. Our professional drivers take great pride in their work. They will do their job with no disruption to yours.

We understand that not all businesses generate the same amount of trash. We can assist you in choosing the container size to fit your space and needs. Options range from 96-gallon carts to 8 cubic yard containers. Depending on your business, the frequency of scheduled pickups range from one pickup per month to as often as daily.

Let us customize our waste disposal service to your specific needs. 


Available Container Sizes

96 Gallon

96 Gallon

2 Cubic Yard: 49f

2 Cubic Yard
46"-52"H x 82"W x 41"D

4 Cubic Yard: 49f

4 Cubic Yard
49"-63"H x 83"W x 57"D 

6 Cubic Yard: 50f - 64b

6 Cubic Yard
50"-64"H x 83"W x 80"D

8 Cubic Yard 50f - 76b

8 Cubic Yard
50"-76"H x 83"W x 86"D

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